Types of Industrial and Commercial Check Valves

Types of Industrial and Commercial Check VAlves

Silent Check Valves:

Before fluid flow reversal occurs, silent check valves close, eliminating the water hammer's shock. Their name, 'silent,' comes from their ability to close smoothly and quietly compared to other check valves. High-pressure and high-temperature systems commonly use these valves, like those in commercial buildings' water systems where a water hammer could pose a problem.

Spring Loaded Check Valves:

A spring force closes the disc in spring-loaded check valves. The fluid's forward pressure opens the valve, and the spring closes the valve as soon as the fluid flow ceases. This rapid response to stopping the flow is instrumental in quick shutoff applications.

Poppet Check Valves:

A poppet or plug-in poppet check valve seals a hole to stop backflow. The poppet pushes away from the port when forward flow happens, allowing fluid to pass. The poppet then blocks the hole when the flow ceases. This design often needs less force to open than other check valves, making it suitable for low-pressure applications.

Inline Check Valves:

Inline check valves, being two-port valves, have two openings in the body - one for fluid entry and another for fluid exit. The valve opens as the fluid flows in the forward direction and closes when the fluid tries to flow in the opposite direction. These valves find use in various applications, such as pump and compressor discharge, header lines, and steam lines. You can easily install them as they fit into existing pipelines with minimal modification.

Remember that each valve's specifics can differ based on the manufacturer, materials used, and intended application. Therefore, always consult with an expert when selecting and installing a check valve.

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