Dependable and Accurate Flow Measurement with Armstrong VERIS Verabar®

Dependable an Accurate Flow Measurement with Armstrong VERIS Verabar®

Averaging Pitot Tubes are self-averaging flow meters that measure gas, liquid, and vapor flow in pipes and ducts using differential pressure. They are simple and provide long-term pitot tube accuracy and low operating costs. 

The Armstrong VERIS Verabar®  one-piece solid design and bullet form provide clog-free and accurate flow monitoring. The accuracy of Verabar®  averaging pitot sensors is unchanged with time and does not need frequent inspections. When a fluid impacts the sensor, it creates a high-pressure zone in front of the sensor. As fluid accelerates around the sensor, a low-pressure area develops to the sides and rear of the sensor. Multiple strategically positioned sensing ports are in these high and low-pressure zones, providing a measurable averaged differential pressure.

Verabar®  utilizes a leak-proof design, complete with a robust one-piece sensor. Other manufacturers employ a three-piece sensor arrangement with no mechanism to seal the tubes. As a result, temperature, pressure, vibration, and even manufacturing differences might create leakage between the chambers, resulting in considerable undetected accuracy loss. Not the case with Verabar®.

VERIS Verabar® introduces a novel design with built-in valves in the instrument's head. This improved design simplifies installation and maintenance by minimizing the number of connections while lowering connecting hardware costs.

The VERIS Verabar®  flow sensors with differential pressure transmitters provide the market's most dependable and accurate DP flow measuring system.

VERIS Verabar® Benefits

  • Superior Signal Stability and Greater Resistance to Clogging
  • Long-Term Accuracy You Can Trust
  • Data to Back  Up Accuracy Claims
  • Quality Assurance
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