Shannon Global Energy Solutions Insulation Jackets and Blankets from Energy West Controls

Shannon Global Energy Solutions designs and produces reusable blanket insulation and shields for industrial companies, power plants, colleges, hospitals, oil and gas sites, and government buildings. 

Engineered to reduce insulating maintenance, increase efficiency, and improve the surrounding work environment. 

Custom-fit using CAD/CNC technologies for equipment coverage. Various blanket patterns may withstand temperatures up to 1500°F (815°C). Their perfect fit method ensures a reusable system. 

Many products are application-specific products/solutions to fit a particular need. Shannon's established design parameters are ASTM/ISO, and UL tested for quality and performance. Each blanket specification will provide unparalleled thermal, acoustic, and safety performance for 15-year service life.

Energy West Controls

Energy West Controls Announces New Partnership with Armstrong International in Montana

Energy West Controls Announces New Partnership with Armstrong International in Montana

Salt Lake City, March 17, 2022 – Energy West Controls (EWC) and Armstrong International announce a new partnership to service Montana.

Energy West Controls (EWC) announces representation of Armstrong International, world-leading manufacturer of steam, condensate, and hot water control products in Montana. For over 40 years, EWC‘s expertise has identified and solved the toughest steam challenges for industry in the Rocky Mountain region.

“The EWC team is excited to expand our offering of rugged, hardworking products, state-of-the-art technology, custom-engineered systems and services,” says EWC VP of Operations Justin Rich. “We are ready to help you improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption and emissions in Montana.”

EWC has an established team of Sales Engineers, Applications Engineers and Customer Support Specialists. Along with technical industry expertise, customer service is the highlight of entrusting Energy West Controls with your steam, air and hot water business. Residing in Montana, Sales Manager Jaimie Garvin states, “With the addition of Armstrong products in Montana, we have an opportunity to integrate and support engineered steam solutions to solve automation challenges in every market segment.” 

The EWC sales and support of Armstrong products, specializing in steam traps, The Brain and condensate manifold assemblies will give customers in Montana cost efficient, innovative solutions in the refinery, hospital, pharmaceutical and sanitary industries. The factory trained Sales and Support team, the “Experts at the Heart of Industry” will configure, quote and order Armstrong products with reliability and outstanding customer service.

About Energy West Controls (EWC)

Founded by Randy Drown in 1981, EWC (Energy West Controls) has successfully been in business for over 40 years. We are experts in energy services, process valves & automation, fluid sealing and boiler level instruments. With branch offices located in Utah and Colorado, serving industrial B2B customers in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Northern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Montana.

The EWC Team are factory trained, experienced professionals that are experts in steam and process valves. The “EWC People” have a deep commitment and dedication to customers and vendors.

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