A Powerful Combination of Products and Experience to Assist with Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization

Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization

Net-zero has emerged as a common goal as the fight against climate change gathers pace, and the globe pushes toward decarbonization. Many facilities desire a practical, ready-to-implement solution since they are unclear on how to proceed. There is a systematic approach to decarbonization, but what works for one facility could not for another. Energy West Controls experts are available to help you decide what is best for you. 

Energy West Controls offers products that help its customers optimize energy utilization and lower emissions in industries such as:
  • Power Generation
  • Metals
  • Paper
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Institutional Facilities (Universities, Government, Hospitals, Military)
  • Agribusiness
Along with Armstrong's steam and hot water products, the Sage® IIoT platform, and Everactive's battery-free technology, Energy West Controls delivers the human experience and expertise necessary for a brand-new energy monitoring and management approach for these industries. This method reduces energy consumption in a facility by replacing outdated thermal systems with more energy-efficient equipment. 

Energy West's arsenal is strong. Armstrong's thermal utility solutions include products and services for managing steam and hot water systems, such as steam traps, water heaters, control valves, heat pumps, monitoring equipment, and software. The Sage® platform enables you to enhance equipment dependability, efficiency, and safety, elevating utility system management to a new level. As a sustainable means to halt waste, the Everactive Steam Trap Monitoring (STM) solution enables maintenance teams to fix trap problems as they arise and thereby increase the effectiveness of the steam system and lower energy consumption. These advanced products and tools allow manufacturing and utility companies greater efficiency while significantly reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs. 

Energy West Controls, Armstrong International, and Everactive are an effective team for identifying energy waste and recapturing it for other applications, in line with the worldwide movement toward sustainability and energy efficiency. We enhance your manufacturing process and performance, lower environmental emissions, boost safety, and assist you in achieving your net-zero carbon target by combining our skills and technology. 

The technology and tools available from Energy West Controls, Armstrong International, and Everactive will help you create a decarbonization road map specific to your facility and industry. Call us right now for further details.

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