SlurryFlo Control Valves for Abrasive and Erosive Slurries

Designed to solve severe flow control problems at the Canadian Oil Sands, the SlurryFlo control valve withstands some of the harshest process conditions, using patented technology that provides the ultimate wear resistance, performance, and durability.

Modulating the flow of slurry can be challenging. The continuous erosion often results in damaged valves and piping; and the costs associated with replacement valves, lost production and labor can be significant.

Compared to traditional ‘line of site’ slurry valves (ball valves, butterfly valves, and pinch valves), the SlurryFlo control valve delivers a quantum leap in service life and reduces the overall cost of ownership for your most demanding applications.

Because of the patented design, exposure to erosive flow only occurs to the trim components. Once they eventually wear out, these parts can easily be field replaced.

SlurryFlo control valves excel in abrasive applications throughout the mining industry or any other process where valve performance and life expectancy are critical.

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